M67 and open clusters

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    I am looking to do a study on the M67 cluster, and I would appreciate suggestions on books and articles on the topic and a little bit on open clusters in general. I have found very little information on how M67 affects the dynamics of the galaxy (part of the galaxy neighborhood). There are not many books I can find that have a lot of information on this cluster (granted, it is a relatively "dull" cluster). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    I hope this helps:

    "The Sun Was Not Born In M67"

    This looks pretty good, I'm going to read it myself.
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    M67 is a relatively small cluster with a few hundred stars. The Milky Way galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars. So why should this small cluster "affect the dynamics of the galaxy"? I don't really understand what you are asking.
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    It is not that dull. After all, the European Southern Observatory in Chile recently discovered three exoplanets around three spectral type G stars.

    New exoplanet discoveries in an open cluster

    This may also help: http://messier.seds.org/m/m067.html
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