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Mac experts help with airport

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    My friend has an ibook, maybe 2-3 years old. I bought her the new airport extreme card. Tried installing it, but it seems the card isn't compatible with the ibook. How can this be? I followed the instructions, but the extreme card seems too small and the connection is different. The connection type is like a video card and the connection inside te computer is more like a pcmcia. I'm pretty pissed apple doesn't have better compatibility. Any ideas?
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    I did a search and it looks like the old ibook can only take the regular airport card (not the extreme version). There are usb wireless adapters that you can look into.
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    is the iBook a g4 ibook or a g3 iBook?

    the AE cards only fit in the g4 models.

    you will need a regular airport card for a g3 ibook which you could probably find on ebay

    I do not see how it is apple's fault that they moved on in technology and an old iBook cannot use a new Airport card (which uses 802.11g, rather than 802.11b) should they retro fit all their old hardware that is out and about to be able to use the new cards?
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    Well I did finally get an the older airport card on ebay. It's still frustrating that apple can't support something only 2-3 years old since the old airport card is now discontinued.
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    G4 models were already out 3 years ago, so those buying G3s were getting the super-cheap deal on what was already a several year-old model. The G3 iBooks are pretty much 6 year old technology now. Your friend is the first person I've heard of ordering one without the airport card factory installed.
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