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Mac Help for Monique

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    I'm putting this here so I can use the tags.

    Monique, I'm going to help you through a sample application install. In this case, I've downloaded the application "Adium," which is an IM client. Here is the desktop after I've done so:


    The program has not installed to the desktop. What has happened is that mac applications download as .dmg files instead of .exe files, like in Windows. A .dmg is a disc image, pretty much an exact copy of the readable side of a CD-Rom. Once downloaded, the image mounts automatically and you get the virtual drive, which is pretty much the same thing as having a CD-Rom on your desktop.

    I chose Adium because it actually gives you instructions on how to install. As you can see in the Adium window, all you have to do is copy the application icon from the virtual disc to wherever you want it to install, generally the applications folder. Here is my desktop with the applications folder open:


    All you do is click and drag the icon (the duck, in this case) from the drive to the application folder, and the program is installed. After doing this, all you have to do is close the application folder, then click and drag the virtual disc and .dmg file to the trash. Here is my desktop with these two items in my trash:


    And you're done. Simple as that. If you want to be able to open the application from your dock, then all you have to do is click and drag it from the application folder to the dock (the icon will still remain in the application folder as well).
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    By the way, here is the desktop after I've opened the program, just to show you that the virtual drive won't come back.


    I think what you are doing is simply moving the .dmg file to your applications folder, instead of the application itself. The application itself is simply the application icon found inside of the virtual drive. Why don't you try installing Adium for practice? You can get it here:

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