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Mac or Windows users

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    I am in the beginning phases of purchasing a new computer. I have used a Windows PC most of my life, but I am interested in potentially transitioning to a Mac, however, I would like to hear everyones opinion before shopping around.

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    Although I think mac makes solid products, I personally would go pc. Windows 7 is pretty good and performance wise a pc is a better deal. What are you planning to do with your computer? The only time I would personally recommend a mac over pc would be if you were looking to use your computer for beginner graphic arts or music recording.
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    IMHO ,
    MAC is meant for professionals.
    PC/Windows are meant for common day to day use like Document and word processing, emails , games ,etc.

    MAC requires combination of pretty decent hardware and doesn't have stability and piracy/counterfiet issues.
    If you buy a MAC , it makes you feel safer. But then you have to pay a bigger amount compared to Windows..
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    I saw a statistic early today that said 93% of professionals still use PC. Also windows allows for a much wider range of programs due to the fact that it is open source.

    If you are worried about viruses on windows download the antivirus program avast. It has a free version that is great IMO. Although significantly less common, Mac's are now starting to get viruses as programmers are finally starting to write more scripts for them.
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    Don't use either one. Download a free copy of Ubuntu Linux and use this instead. All of the software you want is available for free, and it's open source so you can change or debug it if it doesn't work. You'll end up saving hundreds of dollars over either the Mac or Windows route.
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    Is it?
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    Maybe not technically and definitely not to the extent of linux, but it does a lot of open source software for it, while i feel mac's do not
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    Windows is not open source by any means.

    There are a lot of open source programs for Windows, and while OS X has a somewhat smaller variety of native open source software, it can run a lot of *nix programs with Macports or Homebrew. (You can likewise use Cygwin to get *nix programs on Windows.)
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    Windows is not an Open-source OS at all.You have to pay for them unless you plan to ......you know.

    MACs are cheaper in longer run compared to WIndows.

    Plus the most important thing : You can always run PC/Windows on a MAC computer , but the vice-versa is not always true and easy.

    The stability factor I mentioned about Windows is still ages behind MAC.I have rarely heard MAC getting crashed so frequently like Windows.

    Also , it may be true that MAC is getting viruses these days , but the quantity and vulnerability factor is times lesser than windows.

    btw, MAC vs Windows is an endless debate , and I am not a fanboy of either.

    However , when it comes to choosing an OS for myself. I will always look towards my primary concerns, that what am I supposed to do with the specific OS.
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    I realize I worded that very poorly, but I corrected what I meant by that.

    To the OP when it comes down to it you'll probably spend more money on a Mac, but it will last you a long time and it really just comes down to whether you like Mac OS or windows more.
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    This one really depends on how you will be using this system. If you are doing any kind of multimedia work, you should be looking at Apple. If its just basic home or office use, email, facebook, surfing, posting at physics forums, working on documents and presentations, then Linux distro like Ubuntu is a very good choice. If youare going to do basic home/office use + gaming then you want windows. Ubuntu can play games built for windows through WINE but it can be flakey.

    I have a philosophical disagreement with apple, they want to maintain control over hardware you buy from them while I want control over hardware I own. Take the new macbook for example, the ram is soddered on, a proprietary solid state drive, etc. The idea is to prevent you from changing the configuration, getting upgrades from anywhere else than them. If the memory fails, i cant go to the local computer store, spend 30 bucks and buy more ram, no i have to replace the motherboard thats only available through apple.

    This forces me to get apple's iCare or i will pay through the nose if something fails. When i purchase a computer, its mine and i want to do with it whatever i want, change whatever i want. Stuff like this really irks me, thats the biggest reason I wont get an apple product even if its better, i dont support what they stand for.

    Microsoft is also like them but they arent a hardware manufacturer so its just not as blunt or extreme so the lesser of the two evils. I always try to do what I want to do in the Linux environment first, if I cant, I'll tuck my tail between my legs and use Windows.
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    Well this is really a good reason why one should avoid MAC.This boundation of hardware is very frustrating.
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    My opinion:

    If you like tinkering, tweaking, configuring and like a wide array of download selections to accomplish any given task, get a PC.

    If you just want to get stuff done, and want the apps you use to just work, and don't mind spending some more money, get a Mac.
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    Keep your machine clean and you will have no problems. I have a desktop and a laptop running W7 and neither of them have crashed, ever. I have Avast on both computers, and never download add-ons for my browser (Chrome). Lean, fast, and stable.
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    I'll second that. My desktop's been running windows 7 ultimate for 2 years pretty much nonstop (never shut it down, just a reboot once every few weeks) I dont install bloatware, addons and widgets etc. Be careful with avoiding questionable sites where i may be infected and i always run in a user account never as administrator. I havent had an infection or a crash ever on that system. family members on the other hand run with admin rights and download lots of crap on their computers and they are usually riddled with problems. I just tell them to keep all there data backed up on our home fileserver and i just reimage their systems every 6-7 months.

    A benifit of the severe restrictions that apple puts on the user is that its very hard for the user to break the system, a trade that many people will say is a fair one. You will make fewer support calls. Not everyone can do what I do at home and the extra start up cost associated with apple might be worthwhile for that user.
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