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Mac vs PC info on the truth

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    I've been hearing numerous claims that Macs are hands down better than PCs. People say that Windows even runs faster on a Mac

    Discounting the OS (which can be switched around freely), I have found different information.

    The Mac website has the new Mac Pro desktop that they state on the website to have a maximum of a 3.2 GHz processor.
    However, I went to the Dell website and found an XPS 730 sporting a Factory O/C'd 3.8 GHz processor.

    Apple also brags about their 2.6 GHz laptops, but the HP Pavilion HDX16t laptop has a blazing 2.8 GHz processor.

    I fail to see all of this hype about Macs!
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    It's not all about brute power. It's about how elegant your code is to use the available power. If I have an inefficient code that wastes computational speed, it's going to run slower despite having a faster processor.
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    Are you referring to the OS or the computers themselves?
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    Most of hardware in MACs is specifically designed for the MAC OS. In contrast, a PC is more flexible, meaning it can run various OSs on any hardware imaginable, but at an expense of overall robustness that comes from the interaction of the OS and the hardware. In practice, both topologies have advantages and disadvantages in different applications.
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    You even quote and overclocked speed! what the hell...

    Doesn't matter about the specs...matters which one will do what better, faster, and easier.
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