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Aerospace Mach 10

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    There's a scramjet trying to achieve a velocity of Mach 10; it will do the flight on Monday, trying to improve the actual record of Mach 7. I hope it can achieve it. Here's an article
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    you're porbably talking about nasa's x-43a. i hope the final flight that is scheduled on monday 15 nov will go fine. i have heard about this amazing research few weeks ago and i think it is very exciting. if you want to know more, the following link gives a closer look at the x-43a mission.

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    yeahhh!!!!! :smile:
    12000 km/h is 200 km/s. Better no think about it :rolleyes:

    What's the next step? According to wikipedia, the limit of the scramjet technology is superior to Mach 20....
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    Ya wanna try that one again...? :uhh:
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    Yes, NASA guys have achieved it. But do not forget it's only a subscaled model of a real engine (I think the aircraft is 1m lenght), and it has achieved such velocities only for a while. As far as I know, the Hyper-X project is going to be put apart by Bush derivating funds to Mars manned travel.

    In my opinion, achieving a succesfull supersonic combustion with high reliability and enough controlling, and designing a commercial engine is far beyond. Only very little is know about what happens into the combustion chamber at that velocity, and how the engineers are going to deal with the high drag and extreme high aerothermal flux.

    Anyway, congratulations to USA for this achievement. Also France and Japan sciencists have done a great job all over these years researching in supersonic combustion, so they have an small part of responsability at this event.
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    Ok, a little less, then :biggrin:
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    http://archive.harktheherald.com/archive_detail.php?archiveFile=./pubfiles/prv/archive/2004/November/17/OtherNews/53155.xml&start=0&numPer=20&keyword=scramjet&sectionSearch=&begindate=1%2F1%2F1997&enddate=12%2F31%2F2004&authorSearch=&IncludeStories=1&pubsection=&page=&IncludePages=&IncludeImages=&mode=allwords&archive_pubname=Heraldextra.com%0A%09%09%09 [Broken]
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    I've been asked to do a basic seminar on SCramjet in two weeks' time. Can you tell me where to find scramjet theory on the net? About the best place I found was Wikipedia, but that's just too basic.
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