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Machine and compressor (how to solve this?)

  1. Feb 15, 2010 #1
    Machine and compressor (how to solve this??)

    Okay all, my first post
    I am from Australia so not sure which unit you guys prefered in this forum. :smile:

    Got this project to swap our plant compressor to smaller unit.

    My compressor details:
    pressure: 7.5 Bar / 110 psi
    power: 30 KW / 40 HP
    volume rate: 83.3 liter/sec / 177 cfm

    My air tank receiver: 800 liter

    My big buttler press machine required 170 liter/sec / 360cfm.

    Design is: Compressor - Air receiver - Buttler machine.

    Will my compressor have enough volume to supply the machine continuously? Since the air tank receiver is almost 7 times bigger than the machine requirement?

    Will appreciate any comments

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    Re: Machine and compressor (how to solve this??)

    Depends on the duty cycle of the press. Since the compressor can supply less than half of the required volume at 100%, at some point the press will drain the receiver tank faster than the compressor can refill it.
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    Re: Machine and compressor (how to solve this??)

    You don't specify any pressures in your requirements. Does that mean you have converted all of your flow requirements to standard day conditions?
  5. Nov 25, 2010 #4
    Re: Machine and compressor (how to solve this??)

    yes the pressure required is 100 psi at all times
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