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Machine Problem in Fortran 90

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    I have the code.
    Code (Text):

    program star
    implicit none
    real (kind=8) :: x
    integer :: i


    do i=1, Nsteps
         t = n*dt
         !calculate acceleration
         !calculate values at next step
    end do

    print *, "vx= ", vx

    end program star
    What should I put as Ax and Ay??
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    like the question says, use a = -r/r^3 in component form... you'll need to start the program with some initial x and y value.

    I don't know fortran very well, but it looks like you haven't defined Nsteps or n. Also the syntax for defining pi looks dodgy.
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    atan is an intrinsic function.

    atan(1.0) is proper syntax
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