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Machine Shop Project

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm taking a machine shop class this summer, and need a project for the next month.

    Unfortunately, I've been horribly uncreative this summer and am out of ideas. (All of my ideas are too easy or too small. Ex. Spring loaded guitar capo, some parts for the lab...)

    Anyone have any cool ideas or anything you've built with a mill or a lathe?
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    Some chaotic motion generator, like a double pendulum or something a little more complicated.
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    Make a set of tuning forks! That would probably be more difficult than you would think.
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    When I took machine shop our project was assigned and the same for everyone. We had to make a little machine vise. On the mill the vice required the ability to square up stock, accurately locate and drill holes, and accurately machine an angle. On the lathe it required the skills of turning stock to diameter with a good finish, and, also the ability to cut a screw thread. In other words, it was a demonstration of all the basic machining skills.

    Unfortunately, I no longer have the plans, and I don't see any online. You'd have to design it yourself.
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