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Machine vision/computer vision/Image processing forums ?

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    anyone know of any forums discussing abt above issues?
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    I would like to know. All I know about are the dsprelated forums
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    Yes,there are dsp related forums.
    I found the OpenCV forum ( in Yahoo groups) is a forum that you can talk on computer vision.
    Also, there is a news group " sce.image.processing".

    If you find more, please let me know, thanks. because I'm a students in computer science and image Processing.
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    Hi Dears.
    Can anyone help me?
    I need to know about raster and vector data structures and their application in digital image processing.
    Can anyone give me some references about this?
    Thanks a lot.
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    Aslma alikum forum walo..
    mujhey matlab coding main help chaiey,koi mujhey guide kar day plz, main kis section mai jaon help k liey:biggrin:
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