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Mach's principle

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    "Imagine a machine which is a box with a door. Place an object in the box, shut the door, and the machine shields all interactions between the object and the universe. When I open the box, what will I see? Will it be the same thing I would see if I had placed nothing in the box before closing the door?
    For something to exist it must continually interact with everything else in the universe. This is Mach's principle."

    This comment was made in a physics forum , that's true?
    source: http://lofi.forum.physorg.com/Do-Things-Exist-When-The-Are-Not-Perceived_20591.html? [Broken]
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    Mach's principle is rather imprecise - I read somewhere there are at least 21 versions.

    The above however is not one I recall.

    Certainly QM does not demand it although some interpretations suggest something along those lines.

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    Bhobba's answer pretty much says it all. This thread is closed, as there is no need to debate claims based on an unacceptable reference. We can usefully discuss the historical significance of Mach's Principle, but that's not this thread.
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