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Maclaurian series

  1. May 1, 2009 #1
    so when i type ln2 into my calculator does it compute ln2 using a maclaurian series?
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    yes, very likely. but why are you using a calculator :P
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    im not , i just want to know how the calculator comes up with the answer.
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    When you do mathematics you don't use calculators.
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    cragar, sorry for the rather silly answers you have got. No, calculator (and computers) do NOT typically use MacLaurin seiries for trig functions, exponentials, etc. I thought they did for a long time, then ran across a website that talked about a general class of numerical algorighms that are used for that. I had bookmarked the site but that was years (and a couple of computers ago) and I can't find it now. I will continue looking.
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    o thanks
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