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Homework Help: Maclaurin polynomials.

  1. May 17, 2010 #1
    I'm trying to understand the reminder of Maclaurin polynomials

    [PLAIN]http://estro.uuuq.com/0.png [Broken]
    [PLAIN]http://estro.uuuq.com/1.png [Broken]
    [PLAIN]http://estro.uuuq.com/2.png [Broken]
    [PLAIN]http://estro.uuuq.com/3.png [Broken]
    [PLAIN]http://estro.uuuq.com/4.png [Broken]
    Here I show few attempts to use substitution on known polynomials.

    Where I'm wrong?
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    The only thing you are doing wrong is that you have "[itex]R_2(x)[/itex]" and "[itex]R_4(x)[/itex]". What you should have is [itex]R_2(x+2)[/itex] and [itex]R_2(x^2+ 2)[/quote] as you do on the right.
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    Thank you for your response,
    So this is mistake in my book?: [PLAIN]http://estro.uuuq.com/book_wrong.png [Broken]

    So the right way is: [PLAIN]http://estro.uuuq.com/right.png [Broken]
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