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Macross/Robotech Space Fold

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    In the anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Robotech in the US), they fold space to travel vast distances.

    In the first episode, the humans plan an emergency fold to jump from earth to the moon. Supposedly you shouldn't fold space too close to a planet. Their mistake sends them out near the orbit of Pluto instead of the short jump they wanted.

    If their technology employed something along the lines of a working Alcubierre Warp Drive, how would a the gravity well of a nearby body affect a fold? In Macross, it increases the distance traveled significantly. Would the same thing theoretically happen with the Alcubierre model or something else? What would be considered a safe distance from a gravity well to execute the fold/jump/warp?

    If you are unfamiliar with the Macross/Robotech series, you can find the episodes on HULU & YouTube. "Booby Trap" is the episode that features their ill-fated space fold.
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