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MacTeX vs LaTeX

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    I am new to LaTeX typesetting, I have used it in this forum but I would like to use it to create a pdf. I use a mac, and I came across MacTeX from a google search. Can anyone validate this, is it good for beginners?

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    It's quite nice for typing latex.
    It contains various tools you need.
    (maybe you don't need some of them at the beginning)
    With the help of other auxiliary tools,
    you can even make Feynamn diagrams, or producing slides.
    BTW, I recommend you to use latexit also,
    it can produce the mathematical equations to be used in keynotes,
    in terms of Tex.
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    Seconded. MacTeX (or even just TeXShop) is a great package for LaTeX.
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    Can someone make recommendations for drawing feynman diagrams and making slides on a Windows machine (I am presently using TeXniCenter together with MikTeX)
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