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Mad cows,here we go again !

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    They discovered recentlyanother mad cow in Canada, and government tells us there is nothing to worry about because no part of animal entered food market while this cow gave milk and propably many people drank and eat her milk product.How can government be so bold in telling us not to worry while they only test one cow in 20,000,in Europe and Japan every animal is tested for BSE.Are people really so stupified here as to not notice they are being duped and lied?
    North American market is closed one. there is no export of beef to any outside country, so maybe they just don't care about people but only about profit?
    PS while I hate most politicians,Canadian,British and American politicians are the worst mother ****ers !!! sorry :redface:
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    Round the politicians up. Get rid of them. Give the system one giant enema. Much healthier now.
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    Tumor, unless they've developed a newer test I'm not aware of, there's no way to test a live cow (they collect brain tissue for definitive diagnosis). Thus, you can't test dairy cows until they show symptoms. With beef cattle, they are tested at slaughter. I don't know if prions from an infected cow can be passed along in milk. Given that dairy cows can't be tested, it would be worth investigation. Though, the risk of contracting the human form of the disease from cattle is still pretty low. The greater danger is widespread infection of the cattle herds. Besides, there's no way to trace who consumed dairy products from that cow as the milk would have been diluted in with all the other cattle's milk on that farm, and then mixed with that of many other farms at the processing plant, so is there any point in creating mass hysteria over it when you couldn't trace it? Even if you were exposed, there's no cure, so is there even a point in worrying about it after the fact? You're way more likely to die from a disease caused by those cigarettes you keep smoking than from exposure to a mad cow.
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    Tumor, what's the problem. You're vegan, aren't you ?
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    Brain burger anyone?

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    Yes I'm, at least I try as much I can to avoid consuming animal foodstuffs.
    But few days ago someone told me that my pills which i have to take regularly have capsules made out of gelatine.I was sooo pissed! :mad: Now I have to open each pill and swallow powder alone.
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    You DO realize that by doing this you are not helping the cause right? Whether or not you swallow them is irrelevant. You as a consumer have still 'consumed' them. Buy the powder in them without the covering and you will be helping.
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    You should also check with your pharmacist before doing this. Some medications are enclosed in capsules because it will begin digesting before it hits your stomach otherwise, and the capsule is necessary to protect it to keep it active. You could also confirm with the pharmacist that the capsule is indeed gelatin based.
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    I’ve upset a few in my time and when they’ve gone mad it has never been pretty. You must be careful not only of what you eat, but of what you say around them too!
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    LOL! After getting a good kick from a sheep a few months ago (just got my arm, nothing serious, there was just a good sound effect as she made contact that the person who was supposed to be holding the sheep commented that sounded like a solid kick...it felt like it too :grumpy: I had a lovely hoof-shaped bruise for a few days.), a group of us were talking about working in cattle barns, where getting kicked is a lot more serious. Every once in a while someone would get a cow mad and you'd here a good solid "thunk" and then a LOT of swearing. I pointed out to the others that as long as you hear a lot of swearing, everything is okay, it's when you hear the "thunk" and it isn't followed by any swearing that you better run over and check on whoever was working in that aisle.
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    To all suckers who eat meat ! in Canada they discovered mad cows again this week.
  13. Jan 15, 2005 #12
    I am a meat eater and mad cow discoveries are a growing concern for me.

    Over the past decade, cases of mad cow (BSE) has been discovered in England, Thailand, Canada and the USA. With the desease found in different parts of the world, I can't help but wonder how prominent this desease truly is. How many incidents do we not hear about?

    Although there is no proof that BSE affects humans through food, the desease CJDS causes very similar symptoms among humans. In 1985 or 1986, there was some link between CJDS and BSE. In humans this special variation was named vCJDS. Also in 1995, a child in England died due to CJDS or vCJDS. This is highly unusual, since it usually takes approximately 30 years for humans with CJDS to even begin to show symptoms. Again, neither of these two incidents provide proof that BSE affects humans, nevertheless, I believe they do call warrant to increase precautions in the food industry.

    I agree with Tumor that higher precautions in testing beef supplies in all countries should be practiced. Japan tests 100% of its slaughtered beef. If they can afford to practice such precautions, I believe countries in Europe and the US should be able to match such a practice. Why not be overcautious? Why wait for an outbreak to occur? -- by then it would be too late.

    The truth of the matter is that there is no way to diagnose a living cow to see whether it has BSE. Only at slaughter can the cow be tested. Another problem is that most cattle slaughtered in the US are around 30-48 months of age (average lifespan of cattle is 20 years). The reason this is a problem is that it usually takes 7 years before a cow with BSE even begins to show symptoms. Doing the math, without testing at slaughter, mad cows can and will slip through to the food market.

    Another improvement to the problem would be to track the cattle or the meat. This will greatly help when a mad cow is discovered. This will allow us to eliminate entire ranches of cattle that may have been contaminated through the same feed or through genetics -- right now we can't identify where a cow came from, what it ate, or to whom it was born.

    Mad cow desease shouldn't be ignored. It takes 30 years for CJDS to show up in humans and this fact in itself seems to reduce fear, yet it is possible that if we continue to consume BSE contaminated meat, 30 years from now we could have a huge problem on our hands. This is not like avian flu or other deseases that affect humans in a fairly short amount of time. Those seem to create immediate corrections to the problem. With mad cow, governments seem to move as slowly as the desease grows. This in my opinion is not the correct approach to any possible outbreak problem.
  14. Jan 15, 2005 #13
    Some even suspected that many cases of "ordinary" Alzheimer disease in peoples is not Alzheimer but CJDZ caused by consuming sick cows.
  15. Jan 16, 2005 #14

    That is scary. Nothing will drive me to vegetarianism faster. Actually nothing else would drive me to vegetarianism.
  16. Jan 19, 2005 #15
    In Canada they only test for BSE 3% out of total 3.3 millions slaughtered cows annualy.Great Job !!! Canada ! .In states it is the same story i guess.
  17. Jan 19, 2005 #16
    Guess what they do to plants that are grown and harvested for human consumption:

    They cover them in poison so wild animals won't eat them.
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