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Aerospace Made a 2D fluid flow simulator

  1. Feb 4, 2017 #1
    I've made a fluid flow simulator, for anyone interested in fluid dynamics.

    The simulator models some basic flows which I learned on a 2nd year fluid dynamics course. It doesn't include viscosity, density or whatever else (hence for example the flow past a sphere in the simulator is a perfect flow without any turbulence at the back).

    Anyone interested in it, feel free to have a look (download and run from RAR file) - https://github.com/Stuart88/Flow-sim/blob/master/Flow Sim.rar

    Also - why no fluid dynamics section on this forum? Is it more of a niche subject than I realise? If the mods can think of a better place for this thread, please feel free to move it. :oldsmile:

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    The video runs when I click on it, but all I see is the words and the rest is black...
    The Mechanical Engineering forum generally works well for fluid dynamics threads. Thread moved with an extended re-direct left in the General Physics forum :smile:
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    Yeah I noticed it was coming out dark too. Only solution is to change your screen brightness or try it on full screen. Alternatively skip to a later part of the video here there's a lot more going on. The program itself is perfectly vivid, so it must be due to the screen capture software I used. I'll have a look at making another recording with higher quality settings.

    Update: New video is up, it seems to be a bit better.

    Thanks :oldsmile:
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