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Made with the Magic of Montage

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    This is probably old, but it is so cool!

    http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=97020bc7c265f3b09251dcb272a0609b.850950&cache=1 [Broken]

    I hate to think how long it took to design and set it up.

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    I had just seen that video before i came here. It's pretty cool even if clearly the whole thing wasn't a single run.
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    That was crazy.
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    Wow, this is supercool!!
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    Look at the perfect camera angles and the small room vs. the huge amount of things. Fake.
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    Very nice indeed, but I'm afraid that the Dutch will be underwhelmed as they are terribly spoiled with the annual http://www.dominodomain.com/cat/13 [Broken]
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    It certainly seems intriguing... if only I could see it. Is there any particular reason why it's restricted to a 1" x 2" frame? :grumpy:
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    Looks like it was shot in several takes, due to the sunshine in one section then a window glimps shows night time. It was fun to watch.
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    All I see is a big black box. The video doesn't seem to be inclined to play for me.
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    The intro says specifically "Made with the Magic of Montage." Don't be offended that it was shot in multiple takes.

    - Warren
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    Well, I'm at work now and the video is about 3 times bigger on this machine... but I still can't tell what the hell half of those things are or what they're doing. :grumpy:
    Still, it's neat to watch. Now... off to watch Andre's link. :biggrin:

    edit: WTF? All that I see there is still pictures.
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    The first link doesn't work, if it's about dominos I'm glad. From Andre's link:

    World record holders domino toppling:

    2005 Domino Day: Theatre of Eternal Stories Netherlands 4.002.136
    2004 Domino Day: Challenge Netherlands 3.992.397
    2002 Domino Day: Expressions for Millions Netherlands 3.847.295
    2001 Domino Day: Bridging the World Netherlands 3.540.562
    2000 China & Japan & South Korea China 3.407.535
    2000 Domino Day: Reaction Netherlands 2.977.678
    1999 China & Japan China 2.751.518
    1999 Domino Day: Europa ohne Grenzen Netherlands 2.472.480
    1998 Domino D-Day: Visionland Netherlands 1.605.757
    1988 Europe in Domino Netherlands 1.382.101
    1986 KLM Domino World Record Netherlands 755.836
    1984 Team Klaus Friedrich Germany 281.581
    1980 John Wickham and Erez Klein Japan 255.389
    1979 Team Alistair Howden New Zealand 255.000
    1979 Team Michael Cairney UK 169.713
    1979 John Wickham and Erez Klein USA 135.215
    1978 Team Bob Speca USA 97.500
    1977 Team Michael Cairney UK 33.266
    1974 Team Bob Speca USA 11.111
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    It wont stream at the right speed and so it looks like still frames, anyone know how to change the connection speed??

    Ah here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4110910915007236133&q=kinetic+art+video&hl=en [Broken]

    Thanks god for google.

    O, wow. I think this was made in an Art gallery.
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    One christmas I asked for a domino tumbling kit. What a rip off!!! the "dominos" were about 1/4 the size of a normal domino. and they were attatched to little sections of train tracks with a hinge. You tilted the track and all the dominos stood up then you carefully set it down and lined up the tracks. It only worked in one direction and was so wimpy it wouldn't even knock over a real domino when I tried to combine the kit with my set. Plus, one trip through my ring of fire and the hinges fused and the whole thing was useless.
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    Was that Domino Rally? I had some of that. Yeah it was pretty cheap.

    That vid is cool though, although it stops at an odd point. It was good fun, but kinda marred by the fact it wasn't one continuous take.

    Here's something very cool:
    It doesn't even use CGI apparently, and it took over 600 takes!
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  17. Sep 26, 2006 #16
    check this out http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3163263343187879320 [Broken]
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    Wow! :tongue2:
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