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Mafia - A game of logic and skill

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    Hello, Physics Forum.
    I'm mafianator, and I'd like to introduce you guys to a forum game called Mafia Den Style. It works like live-action Brain Teaser, and I've certainly had fun with is.

    Basically, mafia involves two factions. The Goodies, and the Baddies. The Goodies are the uninformed majority; while the Baddies are the Uniformed Minority. What this means is that there are about twice as many Goodies as Baddies, but while each Goodie is on his own with his role, the Baddies have some behind-the-scenes contact, or BTSC, where they can talk and plan without Goodies knowing.
    The game is split into two cycles; Night and Day. Night Cycles are when every player with a role has the ability to choose his/her target and use their ability by messaging the host. Both Factions have this ability. Now, Baddies also have the ability of the Night Kill. Every Night Cycle, they have the ability to kill the player of their choosing. Day Cycles are when everybody comes together and place votes; votes are placed on who the player wants to be lynched (executed). Whomever has the majority of votes at the end of the day is executed, and their role revealed. Goodies hope to lynch a Baddie; Baddies hope to redirect the lynch to a Goodie.
    Typically, each Faction has a WinCon (Win Condition), Goodies usually have the WinCon to eliminate all Baddies, Baddies usually have the WinCon to be in the majority.

    Mafia is based on the idea of a small Italian town. The Mafia has set up shop in the town. Every night, the Mafias steals out and kills someone as well as other abilities, the terrified Goodies also put their own abilities to the test. In the Daytime, everybody comes together, and in a panic, choose a person to execute that they hope is the Mafia. They do this over and over until either the Mafia or dead or the Mafia have taken over the town.

    Anyway, I'd like to start a game here, if anybody's interested. Any questions, you can ask me.

    Goodies - WinCon: Eliminate the Baddies
    Doctor - May attempt to save one person each night
    Sheriff - May spy one person each night
    Mayor - Each day, may make their vote count x0, x1, or x2
    Vanilla Townie - No night action, vote and voice are their power
    Vanilla Townie - No night action, vote and voice are their power
    Vanilla Townie - No night action, vote and voice are their power

    Baddies - BTSC + Night Kill - WinCon: Be in the majority
    Godfather - If spied, appears as Vanilla Townie
    Thug - Each night, may block one player

    Host: mafianator

    It doesn't matter where you sign up. It has no bearing on your role. Once again, any questions, ask me!
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