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Magic Bullet Troubleshooting

  1. Dec 16, 2007 #1
    So I bought the magic bullet blender last xmas and loved it. Used it for several months and then one day it just stopped working. The blender base that you press down on just didn't respond anymore. So I thought it died. I bought a new base on ebay and that didn't work either, so I thought maybe it was the cup that attaches to the base that is busted somehow and not connecting with the touch base right. So I went out and bought a whole new kit and right out of the box it doesn't work either. I tried several outlets around my place and none work. Other apps work in those outlets. How strange!? Any ideas??
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    You have a very niche super power. Other than that it just sounds bizarre that several instances of a particular electrical item would just not work.

    Hope you find a solution soon Greg.
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    We have a food processor that uses a twist-on chopper bowl with a twist-on lid that will not work at all unless everything is lined up to a "T". Does the processor you have rely on a similar fail-safe system, and is it somehow being enabled because some lip or lump on a piece of plastic is missing? Good luck!
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    Do they have a fuse in them somewhere? Maybe there's something up with the outlets that's tripping a light fuse?

    I didn't know people actually bought those, I thought everyone just laughed at the weird characters in their infomercials. :biggrin:
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    magic bullets are awesome. but i find them a bit too noisy.

    i had one that broke down on me because one of the "fins" ,the little protrusions that come out of the center hub or motor, used for attaching the blades to the motor, broke off and the blades would no longer rotate.

    well at least they gave me 2 for the price of 1.
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    This is what you get for not buying a "will it blend!" blender by blendtec.

    That thing is scarrrrrrrrrrrrry. (And it costs about ~800, but WORTH IT when you can literally dice GOLF BALLS, HOCKEY PUCKS, etc)
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    I've been needing a lot of sports accessories in my diet lately. I'll check them out :smile:
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    Why was I thinking sex toy?
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    Kurdt's signature planted the seed in your subconscience.
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    I bought a little blender by B&D and had this trouble. I didn't get it to work over and over again, then finally twisted the lid just a little bit tighter and heard and felt a little 'snap' and it started working. That safety tab needed just a little persuasion, I guess, from being 'brand new'---after that it seemed to click into place a lot easier and worked fine.
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    You're not alone Greg.

    The following is a quote from a reviewer of the magic bullet:

    http://designerjones.com/2005/10/28/the-magic-bullet-review/" [Broken]
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    I have a theory. It involves a grassy knoll, a book depository, and multiple entry wounds and exit wounds...or, it is probably just a bad solder joint to the switch. These things are wacked together by robots or low skill laborers, either of which can produce a cold solder joint.
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    You mean you bought a whole new blender and that didn't work either? I am guessing you got a replacement as they advertise on TV, did that work?
    My Dad bought a supermop once, we used it only for a month or so. It was really not very different from an ordinary mop, except for the price. I find most of the commercials annoyingly repetitive, and giving offers like 2 for the price of 1, makes me think what kind of profit margins they must be having. Not to mention the commercial characters of course, it's worse here with local language dubbing :biggrin:
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    We have a plate washer (the sort you see in big kitchens) at work, some times the only way it will start is if you thump it, once it is on you can shake the heck out of it and it will not go off unless it is switched off ,all the electrics have been changed three times.
    With gadgets i put an ohm meter across live neutral plug pins and push pull twist turn things, if the meter flicks you found your fault.
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    Because it's the "personal, versatile countertop magician"?

    Man, why haven't I ever seen this infomercial? This sounds a lot better than most of the shows on network TV!
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    jim mcnamara

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    Is there a GFI in the receptacle?
    Moonbear's fuse idea sounds good.
    Some blenders have an interlock switch - does this one?
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    I had a similar experience over the weekend with a coffee grinder.

    Took it apart and discovered that there were two contact switches that needed to be fully pressed for a complete circuit. One was pressed when the ground coffee "receptacle" was completely inserted into it's proper position and the other one was closed when the on switch was pressed in.

    Some of the screws that held the the second switch were a bit loose, not allowing the on-switch to fully depress the switch when it was pressed. A few minutes with the voltmeter showed me the problem. I tightened up the screws and it works!
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    try attaching another appliance from the same company (so it probably has the same fuse system) to the same outlet that you started the blenders on and see if it blows on the other outlets.
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    Why do I suspect they just never expected anyone to use the thing longer than a week before the novelty wore off and it got tucked into the back of a cabinet with all the other gadgets people never use?
  21. Dec 17, 2007 #20
    some great possibities so far, but first:

    is it plugged in?

    is the 'on' switch on?
  22. Dec 17, 2007 #21
    back to basics :rofl:
  23. Dec 17, 2007 #22
    There is a very good reason those are the first two questions asked by most tech support professionals.
  24. Dec 17, 2007 #23


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    When I was doing appliance repair for the local thrift shop, I ran across a blender that wouldn't go. In that model, there's a long plastic rod that runs along inside from the top to the safety switch, and is depressed by the lid when in use. The top had simply broken or worn off, so the switch stayed off. I just heat-welded (ie: Bic lighter) a piece of a swizzle-stick to the rod and it's worked fine ever since.
    I have no idea of how a 'Magic Bullet' works, though, so this might not be applicable.
  25. Dec 22, 2007 #24
    Interesting! Sounds like the electric knife, pressure cooker and several other things that have accumulated around here.
  26. Dec 22, 2007 #25
    You may be one of the lucky ones. You could have gotten an "Ultimate Chopper" that was advertised on TV. I hear that these have been recalled - - - seems that they have been rumored to have a penchant for people's fingers.
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