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Magic numbers.

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    I am really not sure and do not understand how you find out what are the magic numbers in case of nucleus. Here in leson

    lecturer said that magic number is ##114##, and in other resourses I find number ##126##? Do we have any real confirmation of this?
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    Magic numbers get more messy with increasing number of protons or neutrons. It is possible that both are "a bit" magic, or that one model is not very accurate.
    126 seems to be well-established (for neutrons only of course), large deformed nuclei might have other magic numbers.

    @rootone: Magic numbers
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    Thanks mfb.
    Still 42 could be the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything.
    'Deep thought' announced that the ultimate answer was indeed 42, but the audience would not like that.
    Because they had not provided it with the ultimate question.
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