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Magic of Fourier Transform?

  1. May 31, 2014 #1
    Magic of Fourier Transform???

    Hello everyone,i am doing my project in image processing....
    i have done video sementation using the Fourier transform . I applied 3-D fft on video frames ((gray image(2D)+no of video frames(1D)=3D) and Obtained magnitude and phase spectrum and reconstructed video frames back from the phase spectrum only.
    i am doing coding part using Matlab software

    I have found that moving part pixel intensity values becomes dominant (means its intensity values are increased so much) compared to stationary part intensities in reconstructed frames of original frames .(e.g.in waterfall and traffic on road, water part and moving car's intensity values are increased respectively compared to the stationary background). i want to know how did this happen?

    can i say here that moving part is only detected and no stationary part,due to the " intraframe 'phase ' modulation of moving part pixels" and "no modulation of stationary part pixels as it has no 'movement'"...and it was phase modulation ??
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    i am adding my result

    i am adding my result image in which i could detect only moving part i.e.vehicles in the video using reconstruction from phase only.but i want to know how does it happened

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    hello everyone,am i asking wrong question or something .??please do reply something
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