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Magic Squares and Science

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    I'm curious if "magic squares" have been found to be useful in mathematical or scientific endeavors apart from an "oddity" or "game"
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    Hello there!
    I'm from Lahore - Pakistan. I've recently discovered a unique relationship between simple Arithmetic Sequence and Magic Squares & Cubes. I've also developed 3D models of that, too.
    Magic Sqaures are basically a simple 2 Dimensional Arithmetic Sequence.
    Now look at this smallest pattern of 3x3.

    6 7 2
    1 5 9
    8 3 4
    The summation of any horizontal, vertical line or either of the two main diagonals is 15.

    Sn= -------------------
    Total no. of squares
    Contact me if you like on me email address & I'll try to elobarate on this.
    Qaiser Raza
    Lahore - Pakistan
    email : htc_leo_786@yahoo.com
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    This looks like some kinds of advertising to me. :biggrin: :devil:
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    You formula is meaningless if you don't tell us what n, a, and d are!
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