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Magic Squares & Cubes

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    Hello to you all!
    I've been involved in Magic Squares & Cubes for the last 8-9 years. I've recently developed 3-D models of that, too. What I've observed is a unique relationship between simple Arithmetic Sequence & Magic Squares & Cubes. Combining the two, I've reached a new 3 Dimensional Arithmetic Sequence. As my 3D theory has got some Intriguing ideology, so it will also have some serious impact upon the Probability Theory in future. There is No attachment with my msg but I can send photogrph of my 3D model to any1 around the world, should they be interested. I'm Not very highly educated but I've got something more than interesting to share whoever sees interest in my work.
    Qaiser Raza
    Lahore - Pakistan
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    So where is that?what is the basic magic thing in that Squares, u said u want to share and there is not even any attachment with ur post !
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