Magical Ways You Make Reality Conform to Your Wishes

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Les Sleeth

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When there is no practical way to make something happen you need/want to happen, what magical tricks have you learned to get reality to cooperate?

One of my favorite ways to trick reality is when I want someone to call me, I go use the bathroom. For this trick to work, you absolutely must leave the phone in the other room. Then and only then will you get a call while in the midst of activity which doesn't lend itself to answering the phone.

Care to share your secrets?


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This isn't exactly what you had in mind, but if there is something I have a desire to do or make happen but have not the ability, I'll write a story about it. In doing so, I can live out the given experience vicariously through my characters. Heck, I can even make things happen that violate the laws of physics.

Ivan Seeking

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Well, I would mention the wash the car make it rain thing, but in Oregon it rains if I get up in the morning :biggrin:

If I want my cat Einstein to come over, I call any other cat and he comes. If I call him, he ignores me.


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Oh god, if i want to be woken up from a nice sleep, i just put a phone nearby and ill never get back to sleep agian.


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If you're trying to plan going out to dinner with a bunch of people and are really in the mood for Italian food, wear white.

If you don't want it to rain on your vacation, make sure you pack your umbrella and rain poncho in your suitcase.

If you really need it to rain, leave the windows in your house open when you go to work (leaving the car windows open when it's parked also works well).

Oh, this isn't one I try very often, but I'll be testing it again that I'm only 2 months from moving to a new state, any day now I should meet a nice guy who wants to start dating me but doesn't have a job he can easily transfer to the new state. :rolleyes:

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