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Magicjack VoIP PC Phone

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    I haven't seen this infomercial before, but then I am not usually watching TV at 3:00AM

    It sounds too easy?
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    Re: Magicjack

    There are TONS of youtube hate videos on this. Beware!
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    Re: Magicjack

    Ah Ha I knew it sounded too easy. :smile:
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    Re: Magicjack

    Apparently the issues is that it installs spyware on your computer, has bad tech support and anything outside a local number is very staticy
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    Re: Magicjack

    Skype offers calls to landlines for $2.95/month = $35.4/yr, and I'm sure other VOIP to landline services have similar rates.
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    Re: Magicjack

    i have had mine for bout 3 years, paid the first two years a year at a time (first year was actually included in the 40 dollar price for unit) and since have sent 70 bucks for the next five years.


    it has to be plugged into a computer that is connected to the internet and booted up. on occasion some calls are ghetto staticie, but from what i can tell its always the same people, with a particular cell phone. 99 percent of the time calls are clear both ways. one time they did a software upgrade that dumped all my contact info, but i had backed such up so was able to recover.


    60 bucks for two years (40 to start, 20 the second year) and 70 for the next five years.

    u can plug an old school phone into it, or a cordless phone, or a splitter and both, or two splitters and 3 phones. or, you can just plug it into say a laptop, then switch to headset mode, plug nothing else in, and use your laptop as a speakerphone, the laptops mic picking up yer voice, and the speakers producing the sound from the other end. thats cool. i take my laptop when i travel, then i can pull into somewhere with free wifi like mcdonalds, and start making calls. ok mcdonalds wifi is a little ghetto slow, bad example, but anywhere where i get a descent connection.

    when calls are missed cause i did not pick them up, or the thing was turned off, magicjack takes a message, encodes it into a wav file, and sends it to my email. thats cool.

    for the money, 99 percent of the time is fine by me. maybe i am the lucky one, but do not think so. if u have broadband, its only 40 bucks for a year to find out for yourself. or pay others more, its up to u.


    wired one
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    Re: Magicjack

    I have a co-worker who uses this. But he's... unique... I literally wouldn't know how to interpret his experiences with it.
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    Re: Magicjack

    magicJack VocalTec Ltd.
    Follow-on Public Offering
    Expected Pricing Week of: 12/12/2011

  10. Jan 3, 2012 #9
    The cost of leaving a computer running for a year can be quite a bit over 100$ depedning on the model, I believe.
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