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Maglev help

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    i'm working on a multi-year project with my college's chapter of ASME and we're having a little difficulties finding the formulas that we need

    i found the formula to determine the force in newtons being exerted by a magnetic field in newtons, but im having a lil difficulty with the formula. i can't seem to find the formula for the magnetic and electric field (im assuming that the formula that uses the 2 of them means it's for an electromagnetic field)

    also, what formula would i need to determine the frequency of an electromagnetic wave, is it the same as the formula just plain old frequency?
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    an answer before tonight would be pretty helpful
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    Welcome to PF, Samo.
    That's pretty short notice, particularly since our membership is spread over 24 time zones. I couldn't help with any math anyhow, but even if I could, it's 11:30 pm here and I have to work in the morning. There's something better looking than you waiting downstairs...
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