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MagLev model recommendations

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    I'm building a fairly simple maglev demonstration, im not currently worried about propolsion since more is required there then is necessary for this.

    Im looking for recommendations on designs, websites etc where you've seen models done...Not ones with all permant magnets, and not sites outlineing maglev's in general. Since production maglev's use technology a little to advanced for this undertaking.

    What im current working on is simple, Fairly long Nails, 2 rows of them nailed into a thin board. Wrapped with around 22gauge wire, and a 12V current running through them. They seem to produce a fairly strong magnetic field but im waiting to get some good permant magnets to place on the train for the electromagnets to repel. So its hard to tell how well this will actually work.

    If anyone has any recommendations here, or websites on building such models tips or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Anyone else? having weird problems with the magnetic fields around the nails, and better ideas for cores?
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