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Maglev proto model

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    i wanted to do maglev proto model, can u pls suggest me how to do it.....
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    Re: maglev

    Learning how electromagnets work would be your starting point.
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    Re: maglev

    Welcome to the PF. Here's some intro reading on magnetic levitation, with links at the bottom to more info (like to info on maglev trains):


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    Re: maglev

    thanks mr.pf, i hav gone thro tis paper, and also i collected some related paper..... but i m confussed how to build the track, i want to build using electromagmetic concept... but how? pls give me the suggestion how to build it, what is the material required and its measurement........ i want built a proto model for my M.tech project
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    Re: maglev

    Thanks sir, i m learning it and i hav gone thro it..... pls give some idea how to build the track using electro magnet, and i wanted to control the power supply needed for it thro system... i m doing my M.Tech 2nd year, and i wanted to do this project sir.. basicaly i m frm computer science branch.... so pls help me to do this project...
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