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Magnet calibration

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    If I'm calibrating a magnet between 0.5T and -0.5T. Should I go to like 0.1, and flip the current to -0.1 then back to 0.1, onto 0.2, -0.2 etc. Or go in increments from 0T to 0.5 T, then 0T to -0.5T, after putting the magnet through a hysteris loop? I'd imagine the first way, but am wondering if this is equivalent to putting it through a hysteris loop everytime i flip the current.
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    Meir Achuz

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    Any difference in how you go through the loop will probably give a different result. Since you would probably use the magnet by turning the current continuously up to some value, you should mimic that by increasing in 0.1 T steps.
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