Magnetic analysis

  1. anyone know of a magnetic analysis program ?

    i'm trying to find out how much more power i can get out of my homebuilt generator if i add laminated steel around the perimeter behind the armatures..
    today i got 70 V p-p no load ..and was able to light a 1157 automobile taillight with approx. 15V and .337 A..
    What i am trying to figure out is wether i should connect the laminates between the armatures or have the laminates seperated for each armature
    any suggestions?

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  3. i put strips of steel under the armatures and i am getting two more volts per armature ..
    i would still like to know wether or not to make the laminated strips continious around the circle ??
  4. another question..
    i have 1/2 inch long neodium rod magnets which are 1/2 inch in diameter .. the flux goes out the flat ..
    i bought them because they were cheaper than larger magnets..
    my question is when i put two magnets side by side , both orientated the same, what shape does the flux take??
    i did find a magnetic analysis program but it was way too difficult to figure out.. :confused:
    the program i tried was maxwell by ansoft..
  5. Maxwell 3D is supposed to be good (tho i can't figure it out). and if you have almost any cad program you can import the files into ComosDesignStar and then CosmosEMS (the electromagnetic one) it's a bit complicated to set up, but they have tutorials. Also, i've never done generators in it, so I don't know if it does that...
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