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Magnetic & Copper Bracelets

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    Maybe this topic has already been discussed, and that I've just missed it.

    Is there any scientific proof or theraputic evidence that either magnetic or copper bracelets work in relieving rheumatic or arthritic pain?
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    Thankyou, ZapperZ.

    I've read the quoted article, and I find it most convincing.

    Added to my own personal experience of a magnetic bracelet, which was zero benefits, I am now convinced that it is another 'con'.

    Well, we seem to have killed this topic in a very short space of time.

    Tell you what, I shall extend it a little bit by asking the following question.....

    I have been constantly advised to take cod liver oil tablets to relieve rheumatic and arthritic joint pains. Is this a proven theraputic fact, and/or does it have any scientific basis? ..... under a new topic.
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    wrt cod liver oil, i've experienced significant reductions in inflammation while using dosing as described in this paper.


    so i was taking 1 tablespoon of Twinlabs non-emulsified cod liver oil, per day. fwiw, there is some controversy over whether some sources of omega-3 fatty acids are superior to others. that is, some are in triglyceride form, processed oils are in ester form, and krill oil is in a phospholipid form. krill also have those chemicals that give salmon its pink/orange color, and some benefits are being claimed for those as well.

    if you want to experiment on yourself, tho, make sure you're not on blood thinning medications. there can be side effects.
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    Thankyou, Proton, for your advice.

    As you know, I have since opened up a new topic on this question. My latest input is there.

    Still, it never hurts to hear good advice twice!
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