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Magnetic coupling - Halbach Array

  1. Nov 12, 2013 #1


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    Hi I would like to incorporate a Halbach Array as a means of magnetic coupling.

    From the wikipedia entry I understand that I can accomplish this if I nest 1 array within another, with opposite magnetization.

    The lowest energy state would be where the magnetic flux matches and thus if I were to rotate one array relative to the other, there would be a restoring torque produced. So if i continually rotate that array, then the 'other' array should rotate to maintain that lowest energy state.

    Assuming my understanding up until now is correct, the question(s) now are..

    - how can I ensure that there will be enough force or torque in order for the 'other' array to keep following the rotating array (which will be connected to a motor shaft), how can I ensure that at high speeds the coupling will work and the coupled array will 'keep up'?
    -how can I even put some numbers onto this? eg: calculating the right magnetic field strength to produce a certain torque between the arrays?

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