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Magnetic dipole-dipole interaction model

  1. Feb 17, 2014 #1

    I'd like to calculate magnetic dipole-dipole interaction energy.

    Actually, I've tried to find models for the calculation, but most of them are just a simple point dipole-dipole interaction model.

    I can't utilize this simple point dipole-dipole interaction model directly because I'm considering interaction between two ferromagnetic materials.

    So I need to find effective or net magnetic dipole of each ferromagnetic materials as follows:

    I believe this effective or net magnetic dipole may have finite length of dipole.

    Is there any approximation or calculation method to get this?

    I also wonder if I can assume this one as a single dipole (if I can get this) and apply to the point dipole-dipole interaction model.

    Otherwise, should I use other models to get the magnetic dipole-dipole interaction between ferromagnetic materials?

    Any assistance you can give me will surely be appreciated.

    Warmest and best regards,


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