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Magnetic dipole radiation

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    What is the nature of magnetic dipole radiation????
    Does a rotating bar magnet give rise to electromagnetic radiation(magnetic dipole radiation to be more specific)???????
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    A rotating bar magnet would produce MD radiation, but it would have to be rotating very fast. MD radiation is just like ED radiation, but has B in the plane of r and an oscillating dipole, while ED has E in that plane. A rotating magnet would produce circular polarization along the axis of rotation, and plane polarization perpendicular to the axis.
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    Im currently stuck on a related problem. I cannot figure out the conditions under which a rotation magnetic dipole moment will radiate.

    If I know a MD M is rotating with angular frequency w, how would you find the conditions under which it will radiate? I know if you went into it thoroughly you can figure out the power radiated by explicitly finding E and B to find the radiative component of S, but I still don't know the relationship between M and w that allows it to radiate.
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