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Magnetic distortion of spacetime

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    Einstein's theory of relativity tells us that gravity bends space. Now a physicist at the University of Portsmouth, UK, has worked out that magnetic fields may smooth bent space, casting doubt on the growth spurt that is proposed to have built the early Universe.
    im not sure if this is old news, however it is an interesting
    article, if this is correct then "spacetime" becomes an even
    more perplexing ,"medium".
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    Thanks for bringing it up wolram.
    I would like to hear more of the issue of magnetic field - gravity interaction.

    My first thoughts tend to indicate the opposite conclusion: It seems to me strong static magnetic fields increase the energy density of the vacuum, and thus ADD to the mass-energy content, thus, if anything, increases the curvature rather than 'straightening' it out.

    My first impression though is that this author based his deductions on some assumptions: He said:

    "Likewise, if space is distorted by gravity, magnetic field lines try to straighten it out again."

    I believe this has never been shown to be true...if someone can show otherwise, that this is based on some sort of evidence, please present the info. I have a hard time accepting this assumption.
    I seem to remember seeing evidence from quantum field theory that a static magnetic field is not a affected by gravity field. I'd like to hear other's opinions in that regard.

    Creator :smile:
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    Re: Re: magnetic distortion of spacetime

    If I'm reading the artical correctly, this is not one of Tsgas' assumptions. Rather, it seems to be his conclusion. How he reached this conclusion is not shown, I too would like to dig a little and see if I can find some of his research and what evidence he sites.
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