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Magnetic Elevator

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    Hello, I am in a school group attempting to create a model of the "turbolift" from Star Trek (NERD ALERT!!, i know) using magnetic forces. My group has already worked out the x and z axis of movement, but we are having trouble figuring out just how strong of a force we will need to lift, if we even can. We have 2 1"x1"x1" N50 rated neodymium magents available, along with a power supply and several different metals (not soft iron however).


    The above calculator is helpful in calculating the amout of gauss at a given point, but really we need to calculate how strong of an electromagnet we could need to lift a 1"x1"x1" N50 rated neodymium magent a decent (but realistic) height. We have most of the school year to create this project, so we have time to order parts, etc.

    Thanks for your help!!
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