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Magnetic engine/generator

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    *Please note that I can only follow concepts, the actual mathematics confuse me terribly.

    Is it possible to create perpetual motion if the following circumstances are given:

    An enclosed space with one three stationary magnets, one on top, bottom, and one connecting the two centers. The environment is a vacuum.

    The longitudinal magnet is a spiral, made from attached magnets so that there a series of alternating poles all along its length. A free moving magnet, fit to oppose the top, bottom, and central magnets is placed in the spiral groove.

    Would the moving magnet, when dropped from the top of the spiral, fall without friction to the bottom of the arrangement, then be forced back up again because of the opposing magnetic forces and then repeat?

    If this sounds confusing please ask some questions so I can try to clarify.
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    In a word, NO.
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    Welcome to the PF, Jacen. Here are some prior threads where the impossibility of PPM machines has been described. Hope they help you understand why they are impossible, and honestly not worth you spending many brain cycles on. Focus on the real stuff, and you will be using your time much more wisely.

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