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Magnetic Ferrofluid Valve

  1. Apr 18, 2013 #1

    I was wanting to insert 1 inch foam balls inside a container of ferrofluid, causing the foam ball to float.

    A normal one-way water valve would not let the ball through without any leakage (I believe), therefore I think that If i can build a valvue that consists of a ring of neodynium magnets with the pole that repulzes the ferrofluid pointing towards the centre with the attractive pole hidden. Fitted at an angle pointing towards the ferroufluid and away from the feed tube of foam balls.

    I belive that this valve with just over 1 inch in diametre would be sufficient enought to allow the foam ball through ( and break surface tension) and to be absorbed into the liquid which will then float up. Without allowing ferrofliud to flow into the feed pipe.

    Thankyou and I hope this is clear
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    Simon Bridge

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    Can you describe the application? Do you need to use ferrofluid? Or can you just use two different density liquids, and let the foam ball float up through the interface between them? If you need to use ferrofluid for some reason, can you just put a lighter fluid layer on top of it, and let the foam balls float up through the boundary between them?
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    Simon Bridge

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    @berkman - the first link in post #2 shows you the application.
    I'll edit it to be clearer - thanks.

    Also see this related idea which was to use water.
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