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Magnetic field coupling

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    Can two magnets produce a magnetic field strong than the simple vector sum of their individual fields when near each other?

    The backstory:
    I purchased some crazy 1/2" Neodymium (alloy) magnets off ebay. The ad claimed 6.1 lbs/ea ideal maximum pull force. Naturally skeptical, I took out our (never used) lifting-weights and went to tinkering. With one, I got just shy of the stated value, but with six, I got 8.5 lbs each. I'm thinking that their just stronger than advertised, and that having only one magnet caused a weaker apparent force because the magnet was not centered due to the design of my weights and the torques were imbalanced.

    Anyone with twenty bucks to waste on something cool, seriously go pick up a set. They're absolutely incredible.
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    Thanks for sharing!
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