Magnetic Field from a Graph?

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I have a graph of an emf of a generator vs time, and i know the cross-sectional area per turn is 0.03m^2 and there are 160 turns. From the wave graph I figured out the frequency of the generator is 2.4Hz and the angular speed is 14.96rad/s. I need to figure out the magnetic field.

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I found the frequency and angular speed from the graph but I have no idea how to find the magnetic field from a graph. Please help. Thank you.

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It's important to realise that the emf is directly proportional to the change of magnetic flux:

[tex]\Phi = BS\cos{\omega}t[/tex]

[tex] emf = -N \frac{d\Phi}{dt}[/tex],

that is:

[tex] emf = -NBS \frac{d}{dt}\cos{\omega}t = -NBS\omega\sin{\omega}t[/tex]

Then rearrange it to get the formula for B.
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Ok so I rearranged the formula to get B=emf/-NAwsinwt
= 28/(-160)(.03)(14.96)(sin(14.96*.315))
Is that correct? Thanks!

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