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Homework Help: Magnetic Field in a Slinky

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    I'm trying to do this lab in physics where we are using sensors to find the magnetic field within a slinky with a current flowing through. Our graph(of time vs.magnetic field) keeps coming out as a sine wave. Is the wave equation for an electromagnetic wave applicable to find the magnitude of the magnetic field? My teacher and I are both a little bit confused, so some guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    did you plug the slinky into the wall ? the mains power supply is alternating current.

    the b field inside the coil is approximated by

    [tex]B= \mu _o I N [/tex]
    where N is the number of turns and I is the current. in an AC circuit I would be

    [tex] I_o = \frac{V_o}{|z|}sin(\omega t +\phi)[/tex] where [tex]\phi[/tex] is determined by
    \phi = tan(\frac{\chi_L}{R})[/tex]
    [tex]\chi _L = \omega L [/tex]

    if you don't understand of this say so and i will try to explain
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