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Magnetic field of earth

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    What would happen to the magnetic field of Earth if the planet suddenly freezes?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Um...the planet is pretty solid already. What do you mean by "suddenly freezes".
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    If the molten core were to become solid, I'd expect the magnetic field to be drastically smaller.
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    Not to be rude, and I'm glad you have an interest in the field of physics and astronomy, but you've posted an awful lot of weird topics on the matter.

    Are you a physics student?

    The magnetic field is generated by a dynamo process in the core. Liquid outer core + solid inner core + convection = magnetic field.

    If by freezes you mean everything including the cores of the earth become solid, then we won't have a magnetic field.

    If you mean freeze by on the surface (crust) freezing, with snow and ice and what have you. Then nothing would happen.
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    Wouldnt the earth spinning on its axis create a very small magnetic field because it is spinning the large solid core? I know if you turn the solid metal within an electric engine it creates a magnetic field similar to the one that creates its spin with electircity. Or is the spin of the earth to slow to do something of that nature? Also i know if the earth itself stopped spinning we would have no definate north and south fields on our planet
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    Indeed, the rotation of Earth also has it's fair share of duties for MF production
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