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Magnetic field on my finger

  1. Nov 28, 2003 #1
    how can I induct and even focus my magnetic field (like laser beam) from my finger (look "kirlian photo" from google) to the other persons body. i call this acu-energy. some call bio-energy.

    what is the physics behind it.
    how electomagnetic waves travel in this case.
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    Uh, what?

    - Warren
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    What, you guys never saw X-Men?
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    Sure, but he's no Magneto :wink:
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    Simpel: attach a magnet to your finger. This works better with a bigger magnet. :smile:
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    So maybe he's trying to be Magneto. May I suggest more iron (ferrous) in your diet?
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    Chi Meson

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    some call it ...

    look here:
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    Chi Meson

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    I did a google search and noticed most sites on this bogus topic wanted to sell you something.
    Here's an even better page by a guy who is really into the Kirlian effect while understanding it is NOT an aura. So he takes it seriously, but he also understands what's really going on.

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  11. Dec 26, 2003 #10
    Re: magical finger

    Static buildup is often caused by the friction rubbing of your bodies skin and hairs against various clothing, or from various clothing to verarious other cloths (i.e. carpets, fur, rugs, etc..), which basically builds up a static charge on your body. When you come in close contact with someone or something that does not have a charge of equal field strength, or has an opposite charged field, or a charge that is of much greater field strength than yours, then the two fields will attract each other and discharge.

    This static build up and discharge occures pretty much constantly on your body each and every day, however the voltage and currents produced are usually so small that you do not notice it.

    To make a charge and discharge it at will, you would need to create some sort of static field generator. However, controlling where the static field will discharge would of course be the much more complecated thing.

    Good luck. Think Safe!
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    Re: Re: magical finger

    You could create a constant static charge at your fingertip, but the reaction between it and an object which you'd be likely to find in everyday life wouldn't be that great unless the object had a particularly powerful charge. If you wanted to make large exchanges of electrical energy between you and average objects, you should make some machine to give you a large positive or negative charge, that way you'd react greatly with most any object you could find. In order to be safe you could build yourself a rubber body suit with a built in oxygen tank and go around zapping anything you want.

    There would be a big problem with focusing your energy at will, since it would just go to the thing which had the greatest opposing charge that it could. Maybe if you had a sort of metal wire which you could fire at an object and then transfer the electricity through that it could work.

    Then again, you might as well get a tazer...
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