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How would one create a magnetic field?

If a science fair project I want to observe the effects of a magnetic field on plants. Is this a good idea?
How would one measure the intensity of the field?


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Well, basicly you need an electro magnet to generate a field.

You can find a pretty decent one inside of an electric pencil sharpener.

These use an ac voltage though so be carefull. Most of the time you can just open the case, remove the grinder and drive parts, and this will create a nice field. Atleast good enough to effect a plant or two.

As to measuring the intensity of the field, uhhh, brainfart,

Here is a place that sells them if you want a nice touch.

that might help. And I'm sure someone on here can explain it.

As to what effects it will have on a plant, I dunno.

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