Magnetic field work

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Homework Statement

A conductor that is 2 m long and is caring a current of 3 A is placed parallel to the zaxis at a distance ρ0= 10 cm as shown in Figure 2. If the magnetic field in the region is cos(ϕ/3)Up Wb/m^2, how much work is required to rotate the conductor one revolution about the z-axis?

Homework Equations

torque=m x B where m=magnetic moment

The Attempt at a Solution

Well I tried formula for surface area of an elliptical cylinder pi(Major radius)(minor radius) which is S but I dont have B. am I going about it wrong? Anyways once I did this I was planning on multiplying it by the current given. And then multiply that by the length of cylinder 2m which will give me the torque force which I can then find the for d=distance traveled in one revolution and multiplt that by the torque to give me work.


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Is this a bad question?

Yeah, what does "cos(phi/3)Up mean?