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Homework Help: Magnetic field

  1. Jan 26, 2006 #1
    The magnetic field around a magnet very much looks like the solution of a differential equation (which I guess it is, at least apprx). Now, can anyone give my a few simple exaples of such differential equations describing a magnetic field around a magnet?
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    Meir Achuz

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    If you are not too close to the magnet, the field around it is the field of a magnetic dipole [tex]{\bf m}[/tex]. In vector notation, the magnetic field is given by
    [tex{\bf B=-\nabla\left(\frac{\bf m\cdot r}{r^3}\right)
    =\frac{3({\bf m\cdot{\hat r}){\hat r}-m}}{r^3}.
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    browser malf?

    i see only strange symbols in the above msg. Does my browser not work properly?
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    [tex] {\bf B=-\nabla\left(\frac{\bf m\cdot r}{r^3}\right)
    =\frac{3({\bf m\cdot{\hat r}){\hat r}-m}}{r^3}.

    I think he forgot to close a ] around the tex notation. :)
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