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Homework Help: Magnetic Field

  1. May 7, 2006 #1
    iv)The magnetic field, B at the center of a circular current loop of radius r carrying current I, is given by the expression . If one of the long straight wires is bent 90o in a circular arc of radius r (refer to Figure B1). What is the magnetic field at the center of the arc P?

    Can anyone help me? Help needed.

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    Please show what you've tried.

    Use the Biot-Savart law.
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    What i know is for the arc section, the magnetic field should be (miu)I / 2r and for the straight wire is (miu)I / 2(pie)r. I dont know how to start this question. Should I just sum up both magnetic field?
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    Using the superposition principle, yes you may add them together. The [tex]\frac{\mu I}{2r}[/tex] seems to be the magnetic field generated by a whole circle. Thus the field generated by the arc in the picture is [tex]\frac{1}{4}\frac{\mu I}{2r}[/tex].

    EDIT: Replied the same minute :smile:.
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