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Homework Help: Magnetic Field

  1. Dec 18, 2007 #1
    1. If you were to use the earth's magnetic field instead of a coil, how much current would be needed in the loop for this apparatus to work? (The vertical component of the Earth's magnetic field in our area is about 5 x 10^-5 N/A.m, while the horizontal component is about 1.5x10^-5 N/A.m) Which direction should your coil be facing?

    Note I live in Toronto, Canada. The apparatus set up was using a coil and loop each with a variable power supply. We had to alter the current to balance the loop.

    2. B = F(loop)/I(loop) x L

    3. I'm unable to understand why I would use either horizontal component nor vertical component.

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    also what are 3 possible sources of errors?

    I have the earth's magnetic field but I can't figure other without listing human errors

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