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Magnetic Field

  1. Jul 22, 2008 #1
    A slide wire (resistance R) travels without friction along the track shown below. It starts from position x0 (non-zero) and velocity v0 , to the right as shown. Assume that the v shaped rails meet at an angle of q. Use the coordinate system shown.

    The magnitude of the external magnetic field is constant. The direction of the external magnetic field is also constant (into the page).
    a.) State the principle that describes how to calculate the magnitude of the motional electromotive force (this can be an equation).

    b.) State the principle that describes how to compute the direction of the current associated with the electromotive force. (words)

    c.) Write the equation of the area enclosed in terms of x only. (Hint: What is the equation of the slanted line? Write the slope in terms of q.)

    d.) Find the induced electromotive force. This will be a function of both x(t) and v(t).

    e.) What is v(t)? (Algebraic equation for v(t).)

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